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The presented research is conducted at Vegetable Research Farm, Horticulture and Landscape Design, Agriculture and Forestry College, Univ. of Mosul, throughout the autumn growing season of 2018/2019. For studying the correlation and the path coefficient analyses in the faba bean under Mosul conduction, the study contained fifteen (15) genotypes, with three replicated for each genotype under R.C.B.D Design. The resulted showed all the 15 genotypes of Vicia have been significant with regard to all characters, genotype, phenotype have shown significant and positive correlation coefficient between total seed yield for each unit area in the height of plant, amount of branches/plant, weight of pod, amount of pods/plant and hundred seeds weight, while there was positive direct impact of the path coefficient analysis identified regarding total seeds yield with days for flowering, height of plant, weight of pod and the 1000 seeds weight, there was positive and considerable correlation of the total seed yield with plant’s height (cm), pods’ length (cm), number of branches/plant, 100 seeds weight (gm), also had negative significantly correlation withbiological yield (kg), there was a positive significant coefficient correlation genotypic among the total seeds yield with pod’s diameter (cm), plant’s height (cm), number of branches/plant, amount of the seeds per pod, pod’s length (cm) and diameter of the seed (cm). Furthermore, path coefficient analysis indicated a direct positive effect identified with regard to the total seed yield with days for flowering, plant height, pod weight, and weight of 1000 seeds.

Seeds yield, faba bean, path coefficient analysis, genotypic correlation and phenotypic

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