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Background: COVID-19 vaccination is the administration of a vaccine to help the individuals to protect from COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines have been unfurled in several parts of the world. Although the protective efficacy was frequently discussed and analysed, little is known about post-vaccination experience outside of clinical trial conditions. The aim of the study was symptoms following COVID-19 vaccination in selected area, Puducherry, with the objectives of to assess the immediate response to the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and to study the spectrum of post-vaccination symptom profile for individual vaccines.

Methodology: Quantitative approach and non-experimental cross-sectional design was used. The study was conducted in selected areas in Puducherry. 30 subjects were recruited by using convenience                           sampling technique.  Demographic variable questionnaire and self-developed binary tools was                               used.

Results: The study results revealed that the Overall, all 30(100%) of respondents reported at least one post-vaccination symptom. 9(30%) had the symptoms of body ache, 7(23.3%) had fever, 6(20%) had local pain at injection site, 5(16.7%) had tiredness and 3(10%). Among male 10(33.3%) had paracetamol intake, 3(10%) had symptoms following vaccine, 4(13.3%) had symptoms within duration of hours and only 1(3.3%) had symptoms after onset in hours. Among female 10(33.3%) had taken paracetamol, 9(30%) had symptoms following vaccine, 7(23.4%) had symptoms within duration of hours and only 4(13.4%) had symptoms after onset in hours.

Conclusion: Body ache and fever was most commonly reported. These symptoms were consistent with an immune response commonly associated with vaccines.  In 90% cases, the symptoms were either milder than expected or meeting the expectation of the vaccine recipient. No serious events were reported. Symptoms were more common among younger individuals.

Vaccine, COVID-19, COVID-19 Symptoms

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