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The African breadfruit, Treculia africana, has immense nutritional potential. This tree is a wild tropical evergreen that can grow in various regions. The objective of this study was to determine the mineral and vitamin properties of this fruit. Treculia africana fruits samples were purchased Nkwogbe market Ihiala, Anambra state. They were transported to Alpha research laboratory Awka, Anambra state. The analysis were conducted using the standard procedure. The result showed that the seeds contained the following: 8.00% moisture, 13.00% fats and oil, 11.00% ash, 20.00% crude fibre, 9.60% protein, 38.39% carbohydrate. The carbohydrate contents in it were much higher while moisture content was the lowest in parameters studied. The seeds further contained considerable amounts of minerals and vitamins as follows: 273.74mg/100g of calcium, 105.56mg/100g of magnesium, 26.70mg/100g of phosphorus, 18.00mg/100g of potassium, 7.10mg/100g of iron, 8.47mg/100g of zinc, 10.10mg/100g of copper, 15.50mg/100g of sodium, 0.53mg/100g of vitamin C, 0.08mg/100g of vitamin A, 8.00mg/100g of vitamin E, 0.75mg/100g of vitamin D. African breadfruit showed highest phosphorus content while Vitamin D was the lowest in the parameter studied. The results therefore demonstrate that African breadfruit could serve as supplementary source of essential nutrients for humans with health benefits.

Bread fruit, minerals, vitamins, nutrition

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FRANCES, E. C., & JOHNSON, O. O. (2022). ASSESSMENT OF PROXIMATE, VITAMINS AND MINERALS OF AFRICAN BREADFRUIT SEED (Treculia africana). Journal of Global Ecology and Environment, 16(2), 28-36. Retrieved from
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