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Taking a school canteen outsourcing company as the research object, its current situation and existing problems are analyzed. The optimization modeling and quantitative analysis are used to optimize the human resource management of the company. According to the business responsibilities of the company, it is divided into service department, management department and work-study department. An integer programming model is established minimize the cost of human resources based on the existing personnel structure, quantity and development needs of the three types of departments. The optimal solution of the optimization model is obtained by combining with the survey data and MATLAB software, and the optimal allocation of current human resources is given. With the future development of the school, the human resource demand of the company is predicted. Finally, the management scheme and suggestions are provided. Evidence that the scheme provided in this paper can effectively optimize the company's human resources allocation, improve the management level, and also provide a new management idea for the company's profit promotion.

Human resource management, integer programming, work-study program, manage schemes

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HUA, D. (2022). RESEARCH ON THE OPTIMIZED MANAGEMENT SCHEME OF A HUNAN CATERING SERVICE CO., LTD. Journal of Basic and Applied Research International, 28(2), 31-38. Retrieved from
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