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House price has always been a hot issue concerned by the people. In recent years, the rapid growth of house prices across the country has become an important factor restricting economic development. Changsha has attracted much attention and reference because it has achieved good results in the regulation of the real estate market. By adopting the multiple linear regression model, we in this paper quantitatively analyze the factors that affect house prices in Changsha from four aspects: per capita disposable income, per capita consumption expenditure, total population at the end of the year, and investment in real estate development. It is helpful to grasp the development law of Changsha's real estate market and provide a certain reference basis for the regulation of the real estate market in other cities.

House price, multiple linear regression, influence factor, correlation analysis

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GONG, S., & HU, L. (2022). ANALYSIS OF INFLUENCING FACTORS OF HOUSE PRICE IN CHANGSHA BASED ON THE MULTIPLE LINEAR REGRESSION MODEL. Journal of Basic and Applied Research International, 28(2), 14-19. Retrieved from
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