Quantum Controller of Gravitational Mass Using Photon Gas

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Here, we propose a device that can strongly reduce the Gravitational Mass of a body. Basically, it contains a thin layer of Photon Gas, between the plates of a capacitor, produced by lasers conveniently positioned. By controlling the value of the gravitational mass of the Photon gas, by means of the electric field produced by the capacitor, it is possible to control the Gravitational Mass of a body, when it is placed upon the photon gas. From the technical point of view this device can be used to strongly reduce the gravitational masses of aircrafts or spacecrafts.

Gravitation, gravitational mass, inertial mass, gravity, quantum device

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AQUINO, F. D. (2022). Quantum Controller of Gravitational Mass Using Photon Gas. Journal of Applied Physical Science International, 14(1), 10-13. Retrieved from https://ikpresse.com/index.php/JAPSI/article/view/7512
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