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In this article, the behavior of the C (\(\alpha\))-manifold satisfying pseudo-symmetric and Ricci pseudosymmetric manifold on the \(\sigma\)1−curvature tensor, \(\sigma\)2−curvature tensor, \(\sigma\)3−curvature tensor, \(\sigma\)4−curvature tensor are investigated. In addition, the atness of these curvature tensors on the C (\(\alpha\))- manifold are investigated and are characterized for each curvature tensor.

C (\(\alpha\))-manifold, \(\sigma\)-curvature tensor, pseudo-symmetric manifold

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MERT, T. (2022). CHARACTERIZATION OF SOME SPECIAL CURVATURE TENSOR ON ALMOST C(\(\alpha\))-MANIFOLD. Asian Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, 29(1), 27-41. Retrieved from
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