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Information and Communication technology facilitates information or knowledge transfer from one person to another.. Websites are one of the tools discovered by ICT which plays a significance role in academic institutions. It reflects the status or the image of the institutions through an interactive design and well-structured contents. It acts as a communication channel between the stakeholders and the institution. Similarly, the library websites bridge the gap between the user and the academic community. Evaluation of website is important to ensure the good use and accessibility of the content on the website. The aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of the library website and explores the quality services provided to the students and research community. Based on the findings, this study suggested the ways of improving information delivery through the institution’s Library website.

Library website, web technology, library services, AICTE, content analysis, extension activities

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SELVAM, M., & AMUDHA, G. (2021). MASTERING INFORMATION DELIVERY THROUGH LIBRARY WEBSITES. Asian Journal of Current Research, 6(1), 14-21. Retrieved from
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