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The Igbo people have continued to rank high in global migration index, with scholars proffering physical factors of ecology, economics, survival etc., as reason. However, they rarely consider spiritual factors, thereby creating an epistemic gap. The current work is therefore designed to fill this gap. It adopts socio-hermeneutical method and examines extent literatures in books, journals, internet and archival material and discovers that the Igbo peoples’ migration dexterity hinges on divine instructions. Hence, this work concludes that it is in the quest to obeying this mandate that the Igbo peoples’ migration dexterity should be understood and interpreted.

Igbo, conventional, mobile nation, interrogating, migration, dexterity

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OKORO, K. (2022). ‘IGBO: A CONVENTIONAL OR A MOBILE NATION’? INTERROGATING THE IGBO PEOPLE’S MIGRATION DEXTERITY. Asian Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Studies, 5(1), 1-12. Retrieved from https://ikpresse.com/index.php/AJAHSS/article/view/7570
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