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A field experiment for the 2019-2020 agricultural season was conducted at two location (Hamdaniya, Talkif) to study the response of the yield and its components to three varieties of wheat (Triticum aestivum L) for split application of nitrogen fertilizer and the flag leaf removal The experiment was applied using a randomized complete block design (R.C.B.D) according to a factorial experiment system inside a splitter, and with three blocks. The treatment of split of nitrogen fertilizer occupied the Main plots and the treatment of the agent of removing the flag leaf and varieties the Sub plots. The experiment included three factors, the first factor was three levels of split nitrogen fertilizer according to the prescribed recommendation (80 kg N / ha), namely (1/4 the amount determined when planting + 34/ the amount at the beginning of the tillering and 1/3 the amount determined when planting + 2/3 the amount at the beginning of the tillering and 1/2 the amount determined when planting + 1/2 the amount at the beginning of the tillering) , The second factor is flag leaf removal (not removed the flag leaf, flag leaf removal) The third factor is three varieties of wheat which are (Sham6,Adana99,Rashidiya).The results showed that treatment split the first nitrogen fertilizer the second were surpassed in characteristics (Plant height, area of ​​the flag leaf , index of chlorophyll content of the flag leaf, and all the attributes of the yield and its components), With the exception of the weight of 1000 grains that was surpassed to treatment split the third nitrogen fertilizer, the removal of the flag leaf caused a decrease in the height of the plant and all the yield characteristics and its components except for the characteristic of number of spikes/m2, While the removal treatment surpassed the protein percentage, Regarding the varieties, the variety, Sham6 , and the variety Adana99, surpassed in all the vegetative growth characteristics, yield characteristics and its components For two locations experience, With the exception of the number of spikes m2, The protein percentage was surpassed than the Rashidiya variety in the Talkif location only. Also the Rashidiya variety surpassed the weight of 1000 grams in the Hamdaniya location only. We conclude the important role of nitrogen split  in compensating for the deficiency in the yield and its components when removal  the flag leaf, as the second split and the first split overtook the third split by overlapping with the treatment of removing the flag leaf in the characteristic of the grain yield, and therefore we recommend the first split and the second split (1/4 + 3/4 And 1/3 + 2/3) as it is partially compensated for the yield and its components when the flag leaf is damaged or if it is exposed to other conditions that cause it to fall off (insect or pathological injury).

Split application of nitrogen fertilizer, flag leaf removal, wheat varieties.

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