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This bibliometric analysis had been conducted to understand the active authors, organizations, journals, and countries involved in the research domain of “Verticillium wilt”.  All published articles related to “Verticillium wilt” from “Scopus”, were analyzed using the VOS viewer to develop analysis tables and visualization maps.This article had set the objective to consolidate the literature regarding Verticillium wilt and also to find out the trends related to the same. Plant disease is the most active journal in this research domain and the Annual Review of Phytopathology is the journal with the highest average citation per publication. The most active and productive country is the USA and South Korea is the country with the highest average citations per publication. The most active research organization is Washington State University, and the most productive organization is the Department Of Plant Pathology, University Of California. The University Of Florida is the organization with the highest average citations per publication. The most active author is Subbarao K.V. and Bailey K.L. is the author with the highest number of average citations. Pavek J.J is the author with the highest number of co-authorship links.

Verticillium wilt, Verticillium dahlia, bibliometric analysis, VOS viewer, plant disease.

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THANKUR, N. (2020). A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW ON SYMPTOMS AND HEALING OF Verticillium wilt. PLANT CELL BIOTECHNOLOGY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 21(61-62), 49-55. Retrieved from http://ikpresse.com/index.php/PCBMB/article/view/5641
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