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Extensive and rapid advances in technology have had a variety of effects on various areas of human society, including ways of doing work and job duties. Teleworking is a new way of doing things that has various benefits at the personal and organizational level. In this paper, we examined the theoretical and practical perspectives of teleworking. We have studied the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting, especially in developed countries where the administrative system is continuously improved, in statistical reports. These reports show that despite, the necessary infrastructure, teleworking has not been sufficiently used. There was also a survey conducted by a government agency to surveying employees about whether they were willing to work. A comprehensive definition of teleworking is a choice of how to do work, which allows employees to do all or part of their work outside the work environment, meaning that people can communicate from their home, from a remote communication center, and do their homework near home or at work [1].

Flexiwork, flexiplace, telecommuting, teleworking

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ASHKANI, F. (2020). COMPARATIVE COMPARISON OF TELEWORKING BETWEEN IRAN AND CANADA. Journal of Global Economics, Management and Business Research, 12(3), 25-32. Retrieved from
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